Customers from UK

Customers from UK

Due to Brexit we had to change shipping options and customers from UK redirect to our official Etsy store Enjoypillows

We ship to UK by Fedex ship usually in 7 working days + customs. Sorry for inconveniences. 

Handmade with love from Enjoy Pillows

Handmade with love from Enjoy Pillows

All of the pillows are made by my small handmade manufacture in the North part of Poland. It's a sunny and friendly place located on the fifth floor where we have a nice view.

We make everything with passion and love because we love what we do and we are plant lovers too.

Care about high quality and use only certificated and safe fabrics and components it's very important for me. It is no mass production because every pillow is sewn differently and made by hand.

Contact with people from all over the world makes me so excited and sometimes...

9 Reasons Why a Pillow is the best Gift

9 Reasons Why a Pillow is the best Gift

9 Reasons why a pillow is the best gift:

1. Beautiful pillow make an impression and will be suprise.
It doesn' matter what sort of celebration, beautiful pillow make an impress to everyone.

2. You have 99% chance your gift will be extremely original.
If you looking for something unusual and uncomparable, this is good choice.

3. Timeless, pillow never be unfashionable.
Fashion depends from time, some stuff looks old-fashioned, but pillow is timeless.

4. You like to give useful and fancy gift.
Want to give something multi useful for relax or decoration.

5. Unforgettable for a long time.
Making nice memories with a gift.