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Philodendron Pink Princess leaf floor mat / play mat / leaf floor mat

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Amazing shape, Philodendron Pink Princess leaf shaped floor play mat.

Vibrant design, cozy and versatile. Floor mat is ideal nursery baby play mat, for children, animals and grown-ups.

Floor mat is also great for yoga.
Mats are crafted in my humble factory with expert care.

Leaf mat is also recommended for pets, travel mat or as a rug.

Great gift for plant lover or addition to you home jungle.

Two-sided high-quality graphics. Colors pink and very dark green.
This play floor mat is crafted from velvety polyester fabric, which is ultra-simple to clean and prevents sliding. Plus, it's delightfully soft and pleasant to the touch!.

Inside the mat there is a special kind of wadding that gives it softness, plump and keeps it's shape.
The thickness of the mat is approximately 2 cm.
Fabric and the filling is certificated with Oeko Tex.


100% certificated polyester


45 cm length (17.71 inches) x 30 cm (11.81 inches) width to 14 cm (5.51 inches) narrowest at the end, thick 12 cm (4.72 inches)

Care information

Fabric is nice to touch and washable by hand or washing machine (gentle program) no need change cover.