urban jungle trends

Where did the urban jungle trend come from ?

During the pandemic time, people want to make their homes full of green and nice interiors.
Most of them bought a plant for the first time, and it was wonderful!

People learned to care about something, to create nice spaces to be closer to nature.
Home decoration is very important even pandemic was the end.

Our daily space should be nice and full of green because green colors help to feel a little bit calm.
I have been a plant lover even before the pandemic and my home was always full of plants and green. I’m also a nature lover, so plants at home are a continuation of my environment outside.
I create my first plant pillow a few years ago and it was cute decor on my couch between my plants.
Urban jungle trends are very positive and I hope they will still grow. What urban jungle mean to me? Literally to create nature-friendly interiors even if you live in the middle of a big city.
It's easy to make some little green space, just bought a few plants, some nice pots, a throw blanket, wall decors, and of course plant pillows. I think some small changes will make you feel better inside and feel balance.
This year finally we also made flower pillows, I think they are beautiful and cute. We can have them on the patio or terrace in the summer.

Stay tuned and follow.

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