pierogi pillows

Why pierogi pillow is the best gift?

Pierogi food are the traditional polish food, known in Eastern Europe.

We also celebrate Christmas with pierogi, so pierogi pillow is great idea for gift For every occasion.

Pierogi pillow looks like big pierogi dumpling. Nice, soft and plump.

You can give pierogi pillow for friends, family or you.
Pierogi pillow is handmade in Poland in our small handcrafted manufacture. We use only certificated fabric also made in Poland.

 Pierogi pillow is decorated stitched with 3d effect.
We ship pierogi pillow nicely packed. 
Our clients order pierogi pillow for family, to remember tradition and heritage. We can ship pierogi pillow with wishes tag.
Hug your pierogi pillow and remember the taste of pierogi.

Shop now real traditional Pierogi pillows from Poland.


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